In Confirmation the soul of a baptized Christian is imprinted with a permanent seal that can be received only once and marks this individual forever as a Christian.  The gift of the Holy Spirit is the strength from above in which this individual puts the grace of his baptism into practice through his life and acts as a ‘witness’ for Christ.”
  -YouCat 205

St.Thomas More

Confirmation Program

At St. Thomas More, the sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in the Fall! Confirmation for 2018 is already completed, however those whom will be in Grades 7-12, in Fall 2019 can register for Confirmation 2019 in May/June!
Find more information here in Spring 2019!                                  
We will be using the Confirmation program designed by Dynamic Catholic! The beautiful genius of the program includes the ability to access ALL of the lessons online! Feel free to go through the lessons as a family over the summer, or rewatch any of the videos after a lesson!
Start learning now!