History of Our Parish

1967 – St. Agnes Parish began to celebrate Sunday Mass at St. Stanislaus School for the approximately 250 Catholic families who lived in the area.
1968 – Parishioners requested a new parish be established to serve the growing southwest area of the city
Sept. 11, 1969 – Archibishop Anthony Jordan, omi announced the establishment of a new parish to be named after St. Thomas More, served by the Holy Cross Fathers. Sunday Masses were celebrated at St. Stanislaus school by parish pastor Fr. Paul Joseph Kingston csc.
May 14, 1978 – A sod-turning ceremony was held on the 114 St. and 40 Ave. site. The first Mass was celebrated in the new Church on Christmas Eve 1978.
Jan. 14, 1979 – Archbishop Joseph MacNeil officially dedicated the Church of St. Thomas More at 3935 114 St. at an evening Mass.
September 1986 – An Ad Hoc Committee was established to investigate the viability of the existing Church to serve parish needs.
 1990 – Renovations to the interior of the Church were made to maximize seating, and a 5-year planning committee was established.
1993 – Parish Council passed a motion to recommend to the Pastor that the parish proceed to construct a new Church. The Pastor accepted the recommendation and the Archbishop endorsed the concept.
1994 – An unserviced 5-acre site at 23 Ave and Terwillegar Drive was purchased as the site for the new Church.
August 1994 – After 25 years in the parish, the Holy Cross Fathers reverted the parish back to the Archdiocese and Fr. Richard Theroux was appointed pastor.
Jun 18, 1996 – Construction on the new Church began.
April 1997 – The first services were held in the new Church.
October 16, 2005 – Archbishop Emeritus Joseph MacNeil was the main celebrant at a Mass celebrating the dedication of the new altar.
2006 – September 2009 – Stained glass windows were installed throughout the nave, in the entrance, and the Holy Rosary Room (formerly called the Chapter Room), commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the parish. Videos & Booklet