We celebrate the sacraments throughout the year, and provide many sacramental preparation programs for children and adults. Adults seeking to become Catholic or Catholic Adults seeking to complete their Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion), refer to RCIA Preparation.



The Sacrament of Baptism for infants to age 7 is the first of the Sacraments of Initiation by which your child becomes a member of the Body of Christ, the Church. In the waters of Baptism, your child participates in the dying and rising to new life with Jesus. It is through Baptism that your child begins a journey of faith with God, supported by the Catholic Christian Community. St. Thomas More considers the Celebration of Baptism a special time for family, friends and the
entire parish community.

First Reconciliation & First Eucharist

After your children have been baptized in the Catholic Church, they continue their growth in the life of faith by receiving other sacraments when they are at the appropriate age. At the age of seven a child can go through the process of preparing for First Reconciliation and then First Communion.
First Holy Communion is considered one of the holiest and most important occasions in a Roman Catholic person’s life. It is the first time that a person receives the Eucharist, by the eating of consecrated bread and drinking of consecrated wine. Most Catholic children receive their First Holy Communion when they are 7 or 8 years old as this is considered the age of reason.
Registration for the 2022 – 2023 school year is now closed.
Please check back in September for the 2023 – 2024 dates. 



As Catholics we grow in grace, just as we physically grow from childhood, through adolescence, into adulthood. The Sacrament of Confirmation is the spiritual equivalent of the physical growth process. Confirmation is necessary for the completion of baptismal grace, making the recipient “more perfectly bound to the Church and are enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit.” Once confirmed, a Catholic is considered a true witness of Christ, and so is more strictly obliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1285)

Who can be confirmed, and what is required of a candidate for Confirmation?

Any Catholic Christian who has received the sacrament of Baptism and is in the “state of grace” can be admitted to Confirmation. To be “in the state of grace” means not to have committed any serious sin (mortal sin). – YOUCAT  206
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Registration is now closed for the 2022-2023 Confirmation Preparation. 

Christian Initiation (Child or Adult Baptism)

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA Adapted for Children) run September through June at our parish.


We have gathered resources to assist you in planning your wedding celebration at St Thomas More. We believe that adequate preparation will facilitate your growth in love for God and for each other throughout your married life. We are here to assist you in making your marriage celebration a happy and memorable occasion. If you have further questions please feel free to contact the parish office. Normally a couple should contact a priest at least six (6) months before any proposed date of marriage. The priest will want to discuss your readiness for Christian marriage, preparation for marriage courses, the documents required for marriage, and the ceremony itself. 

MARRIAGE PREPARATION COURSE is offered by married couples to help engaged couples prepare for marriage. Completion of a Catholic marriage preparation course is a mandatory pre-requisite for marrying in The Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton.  

We strongly recommend that the marriage course be taken at least 4-6 months before the wedding, especially as space and program schedules may be limited. By participating in a marriage preparation program you will receive: 

  • Information about what the Church believes and teaches about Catholic marriage and family life. 
  • Advice and practical assistance for your daily married lives together. 
  • An introduction to Natural Family Planning (NFP) a reliable method of planning your family that is both based on science and in harmony with God’s design for sexual intimacy and Church teaching. NFP assists with planning or spacing births, and also often helps in working with any infertility issues. 
  • The witness of married couples to the sacrament of marriage and how it is lived in their lives. 

For more information about our parish program, please go to this link and complete the form. 

The 2023 Marriage Preparation Course will be offered March 17-19, 2023. There are also programs offered through the Archdiocese. Information for these programs can be obtained through the office.

Anointing of the Sick

To receive the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, please contact the parish office at 780-434-6313 and speak to one of the priests.