God Windows 

St. Thomas More is home to more than 50 stained glass windows that were commissioned and installed between 2006 and 2009. “God Windows” Explained is a five-part video series narrated by former Pastor, Fr. Sylvain Casavant that explains the origins and meaning behind the windows. As Fr. Sylvain says of such stained glass windows on p. 7 of his referenced God Windows booklet:
“Their beauty … seemed to have another thought in mind, that of teaching the faith to the masses. The windows that were placed in this church have this dimension in mind. These windows would be used not only to bring glory to God and a sense of “awe” to the congregation but also to be teaching tools. They would be an aid to the congregation’s faith. If this were to be the fact, they must also be explained.”  
Download the God Windows booklet (PDF) that is referenced in the videos.
  1. God Windows Explained and Blessed Sacrament Windows
  2. Church Entrance Windows
  3. Upper Nave Windows
  4. Lower Nave Windows
  5. Rosary Room Windows

Special thanks to former parish Pastor Fr. Sylvain Casavant, retired RCIA coordinator Darlene Smigelski, and parishioners Kathy Gust and Christine Foisy-Erickson for their work in producing these videos.