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Life isn’t always easy. Often we are just looking for a place to belong, to be understood, and to be loved. This is the Catholic Church and this is what we hope our programs are for the youth of St. Thomas More Parish!
Take a look below at all the programs as there are ways for everyone to get involved.
If you are 18+, check out our young adult page for more information about programs and ways to volunteer!
I myself grew up in St. Thomas More Parish, but didn’t get involved with anything in the Parish until I was 20 years old. Once I took the leap of faith, my life changed… definitely for the better, because I met Jesus and fell in love with His Church!
If you have any questions email me at: or call me at the office: 780-434-6313 ext 223
God Bless,
Sara Dmitri
K4J is a program that motivates children ages 6 – 9 years old to live virtue and love through their Catholic faith. We meet once a month to discuss our Virtue of the Month, Our Saint of the Month, and learn about our Catholic faith through games, skits, crafts, and song. We are then encouraged throughout the rest of the month at home with our take-home-packs.
Cost: $50/child
This program is run with the great help of our parents and other adult volunteers. For more information look at the K4J Brochure or please contact Monica at the parish office 

Conquest is a Catholic Youth Ministry Program for boys ages 10 to 14 years and is designed to instill virtue, develop character, and encourage spiritual growth, all in an atmosphere of fun and adventure.
Gatherings are held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of every month between September and May.
Cost: $60/child (cost reduced for multiple children)
If you have any questions, contact Sara Dmitri or register directly online here:


Challenge is a Catholic Girls Youth Ministry program in which girls aged 10-14 years, grow in virtue, friendship and their Catholic faith in a fun community environment.
Gatherings are held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of every month between September and May.
Cost: $60/child (cost reduced for multiple children)
If you have any questions, contact Sara Dmitri or register directly online here:


Youth Group

FREE food, fun, and much more! Everyone in High School is welcome to ANCHOR. It’s a great place to hang out, play games, and grow in our faith – seriously we talk all about life’s complicated questions.
We meet every week after the 5:00 pm Sunday Mass. We socialize from 6 – 6:30, and our meetings run from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

Youth Rally & Retreats

Based on personal experience, we know that Rallys and Retreats are exciting ways to grow deeper into your faith – and have lots of fun! That’s why we want young people from this parish to experience God in this way!
Find more details about upcoming



Children’s Choir

Everyone from Grade 4-9 is welcome to join the Children’s Choir. We rehearse Thursday evenings from Sept-May. We sing once per month usually at 10 am Mass at St. Thomas More. The choir is directed by Samantha Strilchuk.
For more information contact Johanna Dietrich, Music Coordinator


Youth Mass Involvement

Have you ever wanted to participate in Mass but didn’t know how you could get involved? There are so many ministries for you!
Youth Mass takes place every Sunday at 5:00 pm.
Altar Server (ages 10-18)  This ministry is run by Christopher Snaith. (Altar Servers serve at every Mass)
Youth Lectors (for anyone who has completed their Baptism and 1st Communion) This ministry is run by Angela Moreno.
Youth Ushers (Grade 6 and older) This ministry is run by Monica Bober.
Youth Mass Music Group (Anyone grade 10 and up, to Sing or Play an instrument) This ministry is run by Johanna Dietrich.
For more information about any of these ministries please contact Sara Dmitri for more information.

Want to help and Volunteer?

We’re always looking for volunteers to come and help! Whether that be with little jobs on Thursday afternoons, for assisting in events surrounding the Mass, Confirmation, for youth groups or for any other activity! When I say that we need volunteers from 10 years up to 100 years old… I really mean it! We are all called to be disciples of Christ and share the gifts that we’ve been given by God. So whatever way you can do to become a bigger part of the ministry of this Church, we want you to be able to help!
Please contact Sara at the Parish office to discuss where you can best serve!

Take a browse at our Instagram Page: @stmore.youth
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