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AVE is an apostolate of prayer for parish priests.
Parishioners are encouraged to make a commitment to pray one Hail Mary every day for our pastor, Fr. Mark. Together we can provide thousands of prayers to offer our love, appreciation and care for God’s great gift to us in our parish priest. Download the AVE STM handout (PDF) 
Pray an AVE today

The Power of One Hail Mary

by Fr. Joe Freedy

A buddy of mine John Petrovich was running around his neighborhood, and he saw an ambulance in somebody’s driveway. John’s a really good guy so he wondered, “Should I stop … check if everything’s okay?” But he thought, “I don’t know the lady … I’m not a doctor.” So he just kept running.

And he prayed one Hail Mary. He didn’t stop and fold his hands; he didn’t kneel. He just prayed one Hail Mary as he was jogging. He didn’t think anything of it.

A week later he was jogging around the same  neighborhood, and he heard this woman call out from her front porch. He kept running. He didn’t know anyone from that neighborhood.

She said, “No, you, the runner.” He stopped, turned around and said, “Me?” She said, “Yeah, you … You saved my life.”

He said, “I’m sorry, ma’am, I don’t think we know each other.” She said, “No, I recognize your face. Last week, I was sick, and I was rushed to the hospital. And I was in the hospital dying. And I knew I was dying. Jesus appeared to me, and He held out His hand … and your face was on the palm of His hand. And He said to me, “You were going to die, but because of the prayer of this man you’re going to live.”

That’s the power of praying one Hail Mary.

“What a jolt that was, not only for my prayer life, but for my family’s prayer life, and our outlook on prayer itself. To have something that dramatic and profound happen was more than enough to draw me even that much closer to praying to the Blessed Mother. Because, as we all know, she is the direct line of intercession to her Son, Jesus Christ.” 

This story first appeared in the magazine, Imprint, Spring 2023, published by the Sisters of Life, New York. Used with permission of the author.

Venerable Fr. Anthony Kowalczyk

Br. Anthony was a simple and humble man who loved the Lord and entered His service as an Oblate of Mary Immaculate religious brother. His great desire to “go to the missions” was answered and he was sent to western Canada in 1896. Here he labored and prayed.
When a need arose, he was always drawn to prayer, and there were a number of homespun yet startling miracles. These occurred after he prayed to Our Lady for help. People started to call him “Br. Ave”.
He died here in Edmonton in 1947. He may soon be beatified which is one step away from sainthood.
You can visit his gravesite at St. Albert Cemetery, where there are many flowers and notes of thanks and requests. You may also visit the grotto of our Lady of Lourdes that he built at St. John College in Edmonton. Nearby is a beautiful life size statue of Br. Anthony.
Br. Anthony, pray with us for Fr. Mark!
Biography of Venerable Br. Anthony Kowalczyk, the patron of Ave Apostolate of Prayer for Priests