All Volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Information Form and sign a Covenant of Care Form.
All volunteers over the age of 18 are also required to attend the Archdiocesan safe environments training, Called to Protect. Please visit the Archdiocese of Edmonton website for session dates and time or email Lucy Kaayko for more information. The sessions are 2.5 hours long and are held over Zoom.

Additional Requirements

If the parish group or ministry is considered high risk from an abuse prevention perspective, there are additional requirements. High risk ministries include those working with a vulnerable group like children or seniors; working with money; holding a key; or having access to personal information such as address or phone numbers. For high risk ministries you will also be asked to provide a Police Information/Record Check (PIC). For the PIC, the Parish office can provide an online link via email from the Edmonton Police Service and there will be no cost to you.
PIC and IRC are not currently required for ushers, lectors, greeters, EMHC (except those ho visit the sick), and adult servers. PIC but not IRC is required for Welcome Coordinators.
If working with children, you must apply for an Intervention Records Check (IRC) directly through Child Services, which can be made via email.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I already did a Criminal Records Check for another organization, why do I have to do another one for STM?
A1: The EPS keep track of which organization requests a Criminal Records Check. For the Criminal Records Check to be recognized as being for STM, it must be completed for STM directly and it must be done once every four years. This is an Archdiocese Policy requirement.
Q2: I already attended Called to Protect [CTP] at another parish, why does my package say that I must attend again?
A2: The STM records do not search the database at other parishes – please inform us of where and when you attended the CTP and we will get the Archdiocese to pull those records and update the STM database accordingly. If they are unable to find the record, and you can’t supply us with a copy, then you will be required to attend CTP again.
Q3: Why do I need to get a Criminal Records Check? I only volunteer as an usher?
A3: Any volunteers in the Archdiocese of Edmonton that work with parishioners who could be vulnerable [under 18, seniors, disabled, suddenly ill or incapacitated etc.] or are in a position to have access to keys or confidential information are required to complete a Criminal Records Check.

More information

If you have more questions, refer to the Archdiocese website for more information about the Volunteer Management Program.