Church Location & Address: 
210 Haddow Close
Edmonton, AB T6R 2P3 (map)
Telephone & Fax:
Tel: 780-434-6313 | Fax: 780-438-2088


If the case of a death or emergency, please contact the office and our staff will help you reach a priest.


Pastor: Fr. Mitch Fidyka
Associate Pastor: Fr. Joy Vadakkan Poulose, CFIC
Permanent Deacon: Deacon Randall Abele
Permanent Deacon: Deacon Christopher Ashdown
Fr. Mitch Fidyka    Fr. Joy Vadakkan Poulose
Fr. Mitch                             Fr. Joy

Pastoral Ministry 

Family Evangelization Coordinator:
Monica Bober [Ext. 227]
Youth Evangelization Coordinator:
Sara Dmitri [Ext. 223]  
Sacrament Assistant (First Communion):
Kathleeen Eistetter [Ext. 237]
Sacrament Assistant (Baptism):
Diane Middleton [Ext. 233] 
RCIA Coordinator:
Darlene Smigelski [Ext. 226]
Music Coordinator:
Johanna Dietrich

Office Staff

Acting Business Administrator:
Christopher Snaith [Ext. 236]
Olivia Dias [Ext. 228]
Evening & Weekend Receptionist:
Gideon Boyle [Ext. 228]   
Acting Bookkeeper:
Joseph Kolinsky [Ext. 222]
Arthur Connick [Ext. 231]