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RCIA Presentation Series

Based on the “Journey of Faith” Series—Liguori Publications (Liguori code is indicated beside titles). Click on a Sound Recording (mp3) followed by the corresponding Slides (pdf) to listen and view concurrently.
Places in the Church Q8 Sound—Tour of the Church—D. Smigelski
Slides—Tour of the Church—D. Smigelski
Journey of Faith/What Do Catholics Believe? Q1, Q2
Sound—Faith & What Catholics Believe—T. Edmonds
Slides—Faith & What Catholics Believe–T. Edmonds
What is the Meaning of the Mass? Q3
Sound—The Meaning of the Mass—T. and K. Gust
Slides—The Meaning of the Mass—T. and K. Gust
Sound—The Meaning of the Mass—E. Reimer
Bible Stories Q4
Sound—Bible Stories—Old Testament
Sound—Bible Stories—New Testament
Slides—Bible Stories
The Bible/How Do Catholics Interpret the Bible? Q4, Q5
Slides—The Bible & How Catholics Interpret it—B. and M. Vail
The Saints, Mary and Who is Who in the Church Q6,Q7,Q8
Catholics and Prayer Q10
Sound—Catholics & Prayer—M. Cloran
Slides—Catholics & Prayer—M. Cloran
Catholic Practices Q11
Living Liturgical Calendar
Introduction to the Sacraments C1
Sound—Introduction to the Sacraments—L. England
Slides—Introduction to the Sacraments—L. England
The Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation C2, C3
Sound—Baptism & Confirmation (Part 1)—Fr. S. Casavant
Sound—Baptism & Confirmation (Part 2)—Fr. S. Casavant
Sound—Baptism & Confirmation—Fr. R. Rouleau
Slides—Baptism & Confirmation—Fr. R. Rouleau
Sound—Baptism & Confirmation—D. Smigelski
The People of God/ Catholics and the Church C9, Q12
The Sacrament of the Eucharist/The Sacrament of Holy Orders C4, C8
Sound—Eucharist & Holy Orders—W. Gaertner, J. Klimow, C. Vu
Slides—Eucharist & Holy Orders—W. Gaertner, J. Klimow, C. Vu
Sound—The Eucharist—M. Cloran
Slides—The Eucharist—M. Cloran
The Sacrament of Penance/The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick C5, C6
Sound—Penance (Reconciliation)—Fr. A. Bogdanowicz
Sound—Anointing of the Sick—Fr. A. Bogdanowicz
Slides—Penance & Anointing of the Sick—Fr. A. Bodanowicz
Advent Evening of Prayer and Reflection
Sound—The Birth of the Saviour—D. Smigelsk
The Sacrament of Marriage C7
Sound—Sacrament of Marriage (Part 1)—P. and C. Quist
Sound—Sacrament of Marriage (Part 2)—P. and C. Quist
Slides—Sacrament of Marriage—P. and C. Quist
Handout—The Christian View of Sex—Dr. Janet Smith
Handout—Contraception, Why Not?—Dr. Janet Smith
Who is Jesus Christ? C10
Sound—Who is Jesus Christ?—M. Cloran
Slides—Who is Jesus Christ?—M. Cloran
The Early Church/History of the Church C11, C12
Sound—Early Church & History of the Church—B. and M. Vail
Slides—Early Church & History of the Church—B. and M. Vail
Handout—Church History—B. and M. Vail
Christian Moral Living/Social Justice C13, C14
The Consistent Life Ethic/The Dignity of Life C15, C16
Sound—The Consistent Life Ethic & Dignity of Life—Q & A—Fr. A. Bogdanowicz and Deacon R. Abele
Handout—Catholic Response to Euthanasia—Talking Points
Lent—Purification and Enlightenment
What is Lent?/Saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus L1, L2
Sound—What is Lent & Saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus—M. Vail and D. Smigelski
Slides—What is Lent & Saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus—M. Vail and D. Smigelski
Handout—Lent Homework
The Way of the Cross L5
Sound—Way of the Cross (Part 1)—K. Gust
Slides—Way of the Cross—T. and K. Gust
The Nicene Creed L4
Sound—Nicene Creed—K. Beler and D. Smigelski
Slides—Nicene Creed—K. Beler and D. Smigelski
Sound—Nicene Creed—Fr. R. Rouleau
Slides—Nicene Creed—Fr. R. Rouleau
Take a Look—Examination of Conscience L3
Sound—Examination of Conscience—Fr. J. Rajan and D. Smigelski
Slides—Examination of Conscience—Fr. J. Rajan and D. Smigelski
The Lord’s Prayer L6
Sound—The Lord’s Prayer—L. England
Slides—The Lord’s Prayer—L. England
The Meaning of Holy Week L7
Sound—The Meaning of Holy Week—M. Vail
Slides—The Meaning of Holy Week—M. Vail
Conversion: A Lifelong Process/The Laity: Called to Build God’s Kingdom M1, M2
Sound—Conversion & Laity—D. Smigelski
Slides—Conversion & Laity—D. Smigelski
Sound—Conversion & Laity—E. and H. Reimer
Sound—Conversion & Laity—L. England
Your Special Gifts/Family Life M3, M4
Sound—Your Special Gifts & Family Life—E. Hanatuke
Slides—Your Special Gifts & Family Life—E. Hanatuke
Your Prayer Life/Discernment M5, M6
Sound—Prayer Life & Discernment (Part 1)—Fr. A. Bogdanowicz
Sound—Prayer Life & Discernment (Part 2)—Fr. A. Bogdanowicz
Sound—Prayer Life & Discernment (Part 1)—Fr. S. Casavant
Sound—Prayer Life & Discernment (Part 2)—Fr. S. Casavant
Slides—Prayer Life & Discernment—C. Fisher
Holiness/Evangelization M7, M8
Sound—Holiness & Evangelization—Deacon H. Ayre
Sound—Holiness & Evangelization—Fr. R. Rouleau
Sound—Holiness & Evangelization—Fr. D. Abba
Slides—Holiness & Evangelization—Fr. D. Abba